neon internet

Digital innovation agency that builds things for the metaverse (and sometimes also for the real world).


The free creator toolbox with all the essential marketing tools.

Building the future of the Creator Economy. Together.

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Visit is a website that allows you to pixelate an image and share it with your friends or customers in order to tease them while they "depix it".

What has been seen cannot be unseen.



Nightler was a mobile app that helped you in meeting your friends and to discover new people in the hot spots around you.

Find the people. Live the night.

The app has been discontinued in 2020.



Live&Dev is a collective of STEM literate people who share a common vision and purpose: Exploring new technological domains and developing & testing prototypes of new, innovative applications.

Visit was an experimental web3 platform that allowed people to share content with their frens.

Built this with Daniel Wahl



Depixit SARL

My main and mother company that runs most of my projects.
Associated with Karim Youssef, Sacha Schmitz and Jacques Weniger